• Since the year 2001 until today, DEPIL-OK has positioned itself as a company at the forefront in the aesthetics market.  DEPIL-OK technological requirements and the strict control of our manufacturing standards from the first until the last product we create, just as the effectiveness of its applications, mean a guarantee for the aesthetics professional.
    This young and dynamic company counts with a professional team which consists of persons with a long experience in this branch. Located in the city of Tarragona, it has a factory with the most modern installations and forefront technological machinery which occupy a surface area of more than 2.000 square meters.
    From its headquarters in the industrial zone Riu Clar, the products are distributed both in the national as well as international markets being present at the moment in more than 40 countries all over the world.  DEPIL-OK markets its products through distributors and wholesalers and also manufactures under private label and white label. Actually, the product range of DEPIL-OK consists of different references classified in different categories like hard waxes in tablets, roll-on waxes, the depilatory cosmetics range and a wide range of complements, all of them with a common denominator; they have been formulated and manufactured based on the needs of the market.
    DEPIL-OK also has the capacity to develop and manufacture new products based on market requirements, achieving this way an incessant product improvement and the creation of new articles which improve and increase the range.
    Thanks to all this, the company achieved to introduce itself successfully into the domestic market and managed expansion which carried to an important international presence.

    DEPIL-OK Underpil Azulene Oil 125ml
    Code: CL52
    1599GBP You save 600GBP
    DEPIL-OK Predepil Aqua Mousse 200ml
    Code: CL34
    1999GBP You save 599GBP
    DEPIL-OK Underpil Sun retard Supplement 200ml 
    Code: CL35
    1999GBP You save 599GBP
    DEPIL-OK Postdepil Aqua Mousse 200ml
    Code: CL36
    1999GBP You save 599GBP
    Professional Wax Heating Device
    Code: CL142
    2600GBP You save 1100GBP
    500ml Depil-OK Post Depilation Acid Lotion
    Code: CL219
    2600GBP You save 700GBP
    DepilOk Heating Device
    Code: CL157
    4000GBP You save 1335GBP