15ml Comair Permanent Cream Dye for Eyelashes and Eyebrows - Dark Blue

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  •  "Eyebrow and eyelash long-lasting color.

    To give your face an attractive harmony of colour it is best to use a darker shade for eyelashes than for eyebrows. You can either choose the gentle tones of graphite or natural brown for eyebrows and deep black or blue black for eyelashes or else you can use the same colour with different intensity (the longer dye works the darker it gets).

    Facial preparation: Remove any grease or traces of mascara with a cotton pad and cleaning lotion. Then rub skin cream into surrounding skin. Place the eye protectors under the eyelid and close eyes.

    Dye preparation: Squeeze approx. 2 cm of dye out of the tube and mix with 10 drops of developer solution (hydrogen peroxide 3%) to give an easily spreadable cream. Use the dye immediately after mixing,

    Application: Using the special applicatior provided, first apply to the eyelashes and then to the eyebrows in the direction of growth.

    Reaction time: 5-10 minutes, depending on the depth of the colour you require.

    Rinsing off: After the reaction time, wipe off the dye cream with lukewarm water and cotton pad. Remove any dye from the skin with soap and cotton pad and rub in skin cream.

    Size: 15ml"